About Us

Agapeland Nursery School and Arrows of Destiny is a vision from the Founder and Principal, Mrs. Jeanette Porter. Education was not something she learnt out of the school system, but rather a vision given to her 30 years ago, in which she was commissioned by God to start a Christian Institution, whereby children could come and learn through the Bible how to do life.

She herself has been involved in Children’s Ministry from a young age, and realised that children need to be schooled daily, not just on Sundays, in the way of the Bible, which in turn will enable them to do life in the society they will grow up in. She strongly believes that Biblical Training will make the difference. God has something to do with every area of life and we should not just leave it to chance, or hope to expect our children to turn out with Godly values, as they simply will not, unless these are taught in the schooling system. It is learning the manual of life (The Bible) daily as found in Deuteronomy Chapter 6.

No child is the same, and God has a particular destiny for every human being on this earth. We just need to find our God-given talent and use them in shaping our future.

She upholds the AEE Curriculum (Accelerated Education Enterprise) in high regards, as this is the only way we can be sure that children will be taught the Biblical principals daily. The academic standard of AEE is also of a very high standard and the light of our faith is experienced throughout the world as each child is being recognised for their academic excellence and good moral standards.

Our universities want our students as they know they have been taught the art of goal setting and are high achievers which are so needed in the work place wherever you may find yourself.

Enjoy this amazing journey with us and let us take your faith to a new level!

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