The school’s stance on discipline is explained during parent training.

Arrows of Destiny CA believes in a Biblical approach to discipline. We are governed by the values, norms and codes of conduct laid down in the Bible and practised by the Christian community.  Discipline is based on love, care and concern for each learner. External discipline is applied when internal or self-discipline still needs to be trained in the life of the child. External discipline leads to self-discipline. All disciplinary action needs to have repentance and training as its objective. The responsibility for a child’s discipline as with his/her education is place with the parent by God. This responsibility is delegated to the school, as the school acts ‘in parentis locus’ (in place of the parent). Where there is an on-going disciplinary problem the school will discuss this with the parent and a joint strategy to assist the child is decided upon. From time to time learners may take issue with the disciplinary actions applied by the staff. Please note the following points should your child complain about any disciplinary action:
 Realise that the child’s report may not include all the information
 Give the staff the benefit of the doubt
 Realise there are reasons for the procedures and rules laid down in the school
 Support the school by calling at the school to obtain all the facts relating to the discipline


Suspension will be considered where all other forms of correction have had no effect or should an action be of such unacceptable nature that suspension would be justified. Only the Principal may suspend the child, this will be done in consultation with the school and church counsel. Suspension would be accompanied by appropriate counselling activities. Suspension shall be for a period deemed appropriate for the circumstances by the Principal, with a minimum of one day and a maximum of three weeks.  A period of suspension may be followed by a period of probation at the discretion of the Principal.

Should all the other corrective activities not achieve the required results, and the deviant behaviour  of the child has not been rectified, the parents will be requested to remove the child from the school. This will be done by the Principal in consultation with the parents, staff and appropriate church council members. It must be remembered that this is an extreme measure and would be applied with extensive consultation and counselling. Three verbal warnings will be administered.  Expulsion may also be applied when the learner’s behaviour has been of such a reprehensible nature that their continued presence in the school would be detrimental to the other leaners, staff or  the school.

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