Principal’s Message

From Principal Jeanette’s heart to yours…

I take great pride in seeing how much has been accomplished in the life of all our students over the first term.

We are mindful every day that we are raising up a new generation who want to give their best to society but the human mind so often is negative and parents are so busy trying to survive that our children are often the victims of circumstance.

We pray and trust God that we will be able to teach them how to turn lemons into lemonade and that God has a unique plan for every young life and that life is tough but if they have a living relationship with their Maker they will be okay.  The scriptures which they learn daily will also be their stronghold in times of trouble.

My motto to them is DO YOUR BEST – AND LET GOD DO THE REST!  Reminding ourselves that everything we do today matters tomorrow!

Yours for young lives,

Principal Jeanette

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